GCT CPA and St-Laurent Grégoire join forces to create Escient.

21 - 01 - 2020
  • Multidisciplinary approach combining the talents of 60 experts in accounting, business law and human capital management
  • New head office under construction on Autoroute 440 in Laval



For more than 20 years, GCT Chartered Professional Accountants have been anticipating the growing needs of some 500 dental clinics and SMEs in every sector, in every part of Quebec. Today, joining forces with the law firm of St-Laurent Grégoire Avocats, the two long-time partner firms are taking on the challenge of making their clients’ experience even more complete and seamless by forming a new professional services firm called Escient.

À la carte services. Exceptional experience.

In French, “escient” means full knowledge of something, and the new Escient firm wears its name well. It boasts a multidisciplinary team of nearly 60 professionals and specialized employees in accounting, business law and human capital management. Working in close collaboration to meet each client’s precise needs, all services are offered on an à-la-carte basis. “This is an innovative and stimulating project for every member of the team. This new synergy will allow us to respond better than ever to the diverse needs of our current and future clients and employees,” says Marie-Claude Coulombe, president of Escient. “Our focus on our employees and partners over the years has been an excellent investment. The diversified expertise and skills I see around me have allowed me to thrive in a solid environment. The reorganization and relocation of our film will give us the infrastructure we need to reach new heights,” adds Christian Godin, a founding partner of GCT and now vice-president and strategic advisor at Escient.

New office. New website. Same commitment.

For current clients of GCT CPA and St-Laurent Grégoire Avocats, the transition to Escient will be transparent. Above all, the new firm is dedicated to providing a team and services that grow with the requirements of the companies we serve every day. Our commitment: meeting each financial and organizational performance need in the most seamless way possible.

Furthermore, the firm’s evolution will continue in the summer of 2020 when it moves into a new head office, now under construction on Autoroute 440 in Laval. Not only will the new office allow the firm to have the entire team in a single location, it will enable a wide range of training activities for clients. “Our employees’ professional development and the sharing of knowledge with our clients and collaborators are important aspects of our mission, and they are just as important to me personally. We will use our new office to fully live up to our name, because full knowledge is our business,” adds Stéphane Grégoire, founding partner of St-Laurent Grégoire Avocats and vice-president of Escient.

For a more detailed look at the extended service offerings and talent that are Escient, visit the firm’s new website today: https://escient.ca.

About Escient

Founded in Laval more than 30 years ago and created from the merger of GCT Chartered Professional Accountants and the law firm of St-Laurent Grégoire Avocats, Escient has nearly 60 professionals and employees in accounting, business law and human capital management. The organization stands out for its collaborative multidisciplinary approach, offering organizations all the talent and tools they need to keep growing with confidence. Together, we work to meet each financial and organizational performance need by raising the bar for efficiency and seamlessness.



Vanessa Houde, CRHA

Human resources, staffing and employer branding consultant

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