Caroline Maltais

CPA auditor
Vice-President | Assurance and Advisory Services

Over the last 20 years, Caroline Maltais has gained extensive experience working for large organizations. As the head of general accounting at Transcontinental, she successfully led several transformation projects, including the implementation of a new finance system, post-acquisition integration and the sale of companies. A former KPMG manager, she joined our team in 2019 and is now VP in the consulting group.

Caroline is a positive and determined person who enjoys tackling her clients’ complex challenges. Her expertise: special projects like acquisitions, sales, relocations, building purchases and expansions. On such projects, she handles collaboration with financial institutions. Continuous improvement is part of her DNA: she works to find effective finance and tax solutions to serve the companies that entrust their projects to her.

In her spare time, Caroline enjoys downhill skiing and running. Whether playing sports or sipping a glass of wine, any occasion is ideal for sharing some quality time with her loved ones.


Her motto

The best way to predict the future is to create it. – Peter Drucker

450 629-6434, ext. 217

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