Maggie Séguin

Vice-President | Finance and Administration

Maggie Séguin obtained her professional CA title in 1995 and began her career at KPMG where she was part of the certification team for 9 years. There, she participated in numerous mandates, including business acquisitions and public offerings.

In the next stage of her career, Maggie specialized in the fields of construction and put her skills to good use with several international companies.

It was in 2021 that Maggie decided to return to her first love and join the Escient team as Vice President of Finance and Administration. Her dynamism and leadership, along with her human side, not only made it possible to optimize the daily management of Escient, but also to help it flourish. Passionate about her work, she seeks to provide the company with the best management practices, procedures and tools. She relies on teamwork and believes that, as a team, we will achieve greater success and thrive.

Outside of work, Maggie is a little ball of energy, and she can’t stay put for more than 2 minutes. For her, all occasions are an opportunity to move! When she finally decides to rest and relax, she enjoys spending time and creating precious memories with her family and friends.


Happiness is not in having the best of everything, but in knowing howe to make everything better.-Augusto Branco

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